is timm roller & thilo ruck.

AAA---AAA, formed in 2013, are Timm Roller and Thilo Ruck.
Instead of using their own initials to name the duo they decided to borrow the title of a performance by the former artistic couple Marina Abramović and Ulay, in which they screamed at each other until they lost their voices.

With electric guitars, guitars, electronics and ad hoc-instruments they perform contemporary classical music and improvise - mostly collaborating closely with composers and realizing their own ideas of concert-formats.

we watch netflix, drink beer, play some contemporary guitar-electronic-bufftschack-stuff and try to be as noisy as we can. still working on the last part though. you may have a look on our recordings / videos / facebookblabla to check out what we mean by that. but dswdwy.

sometimes we even play live. but not today, sorry. but:
2017 september 29 - LABOR317 - staatsthtear stuttgart NORD - stuttgart / germany
2017 november - recording malte giesen: unisono 3 - swr - stuttgart / germany
2017 december 07 - N.N. - loft - cologne / germany